Miraculous Space

JIAC provides design service and construction supervision by our top Japanese architects to exclusive clientele around the world. The “Miraculous Space” is brought to life through exquisite, meticulously planned designs, coupled with the expertise and perseverance of skilled craftsmen. It stands as a testament to Japanese architecture, a source of pride for JIAC. Achieving such a space goes beyond mere design; it requires the vigilant oversight of architects in ensuring construction techniques and quality control meet the highest standards.At JIAC, we pride ourselves in the pursuit of excellence, a feat made possible only through our exclusive membership of architects selected for their commitment to achieving Japanese quality on a global scale. Our architects collaborate closely with local design office partners and construction companies. Many of our architects at JIAC have already established a strong global reputation, with their previous architectural works garnering significant attention as investment targets. We are dedicated to discreetly supporting our fortunate clients in acquiring world-class architectural solutions.

Outline of the organization

Organizer of the JIAC
Easy Communications Inc.
4-2-48 TTC 3F Minami-azabu,
Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0047 Japan
Organizer of Yiwu Showroom
Asia Environment Foundation for Protect the Earth(AEFPE)
The Official Agent in China
Ecohome (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Building 8, No.1098, Chuansha Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai