Japanese architects and quality for world projects

The Japan International Architectural design Center (JIAC) provides special customers throughout the world with the architectural design of top Japanese architects and the best-grade Japanese-quality architectural materials. We will expand the area of our services with our world partners. Please look forward to our activities in the future.


JIAC member architects

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Architecture works designed by JIAC member architects

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Brands handled

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Architectural materials and equipment handled

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About various services

Architectural design coordination

We will coordinate the architectural design of top Japanese architects for special customers in the world. We will help achieve Japanese-quality architecture in cooperation with local design offices or construction companies in the construction area.


Japanese culture

What supports Japanese architecture appreciated in the world and Japanese quality? You will find the answer in the unique Japanese culture.



We will deploy JIAC showrooms throughout the world where you can experience the works of JIAC member architects and products handled.