Japanese Architects for World Projects

Japan International Architectural design Center (JIAC) provides clients with architectural designs service from our top-notch Japanese architects. Highest quality of Japan's architectural materials are selected for each project. We continue to expand our services worldwide with our partners overseas, with hoping our architectural services will inspire the world, and you.


Architectural works designed by JIAC architects

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Alliance Map

JIAC builds an alliance network of architectural design firm collaborators, making it possible to provide design services to clients around the world. For projects outside of Japan, our collaborated local partner design offices handle localization, document applications, construction supervision, and provide follow-up meetings based on local laws and traditions. This makes it feasible for you to request design services for a project regardless of the region.

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Architectural materials and equipment

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Various Services

Architectural Design Service

JIAC provides the architectural design service from our top Japanese architects for valued customers on the globe. We also assist in achieving excellence in Japanese architectural quality in cooperation with local design offices and/or construction companies in the construction area.


Japanese Culture

What contributes to the global appreciation of Japanese architecture and its quality? The answer could be found in the unique Japanese culture.



JIAC is deploying showrooms throughout the world where you can experience the works of JIAC architects and products they handled.