Architectural Coordination by JIAC


Prestigious Quality of Japan

Beautiful designs calculated with precision combined with the skill and tenacity of craftsmen is the key to creating miraculous spaces. This is the exceptional architecture of JIAC. We use the finest of building materials made in Japan, as well as high grade materials from overseas. High quality materials are essential for both the comfort of the space, as well as for the environment.

The Essence of Japanese Architecture

Simple designs that fully express the beauty of the material in its most natural form is what captures the eye. Only the inhabitant can truly experience the Japanese architectural design engineered with precision. From the subtle changes in natural light, temperature, humidity, and to the perfection of the view from the window when the seasons change.

A Once in A Lifetime Experience

For clients who would like to endow the services of a JIAC architect, we organize customized trips to Japan. The trip would entail an experience in exploring Japanese culture and tradition, from introductions of historical architecture to current cutting-edge technologies. A meeting with the architect of your selection will also be arranged during your trip.


Organization of a special team for clients.

  1. Comprehensive Management by JIAC
  2. Supervision by a Japanese Architect
  3. Client

    Request to JIAC for architectural coordination.

  4. JIAC

    We manage the entire project as a coordinator.

  5. Japanese Architects

    Creation of architectural plans, supervision of designs, and construction of local design offices.

  6. Leading Local Design Offices

    Design manager

  7. Leading Local Construction Companies

    Construction manager


We prepare a special experience for you.

©Architect: Tetsuo Kobori
©Photo: Shin Photo Work

  1. Step 1. Application to interview

    Application from an inquiry form. Our staff in charge will talk with you about the details of your request (Free of charge).

  2. Step 2. Presentation

    The concierge of the agent of travel in Japan exclusive to VIP, affiliated agent of JIAC, will prepare a trip to experience the architecture and culture of Japan.

    • We will prepare a trip according to your request.
    • You can take your family with you.
    • We will arrange a meeting with your favorite architect during your trip.
    • Please arrange air tickets by yourself.

    An architect will visit your country (or online) and give you a presentation with an architectural plan.

  3. Step 3. Basic design

    A Japanese architect will take the initiative and make a basic design together with a local architectural office. They will repeat the design work until you are satisfied.

  4. Step 4. Design and construction

    Based on the basic design, a local architectural office will make a design for the construction. The quality will be checked as needed under the supervision of a Japanese architect.

    Based on the design of construction, the quotation of each construction fee will be calculated. As soon as you agree to the quotation, construction will start.

    During construction, in addition to the supervision of the architect, technical instructions will be issued from Japan, and the local JIAC agent will conduct an audit. Thus, we will manage the construction to achieve Japanese quality as needed.

  5. Completion
*About starting day You may have to wait for the start of the presentation due to the schedule of the architect.
*About reflection of request If it is necessary to change the presentation or details of the design, we can give you another proposal at your request.
*About architects JIAC member architects are famous architects who are active at the forefront and always involved in many projects. We may not be able to meet your request depending on the details.
*About the fees Fees vary depending on the details of the design you request or the designer in charge. We can give you the cost per square meter as the reference price. Please ask us for details.

©Architect: Shinichi Ogawa