Terms of Service

  1. This website (https://www.jiac.com/) is run by Easy Communications Inc. ("our company" hereafter). Before using this website, please read the conditions of use below. If you do not agree to the terms, please do not use this website. If you use our website, we understand that you have agreed to all the terms and conditions below. Our company may change the terms of service without notice. In such a case, the conditions of use of this website are based on the latest terms of service after any change. Please check the latest details.

  2. About the conditions of use

    The conditions of use are specified for the website provided free by our company.

  3. Prohibited things on this website

    To comfortably use the services related to this website, the user must not conduct the following acts when using this website.

    1. Acts that infringe or may infringe the rights of our company, affiliates, or groups
    2. Acts that infringe or may infringe the properties of our company, affiliates, or groups
    3. Acts that cause damage or may cause damage to our company, affiliates, or groups other than the above 1 and 2
    4. Acts that wrongfully interfere with or may wrongfully interfere with the operation of this service and cause detriment to our company
    5. Acts that interfere with the use of this service by other users
    6. Acts that infringe the rights of intellectual properties, such as a third party's copyright and other rights
    7. Acts that slander our company or a third party, bring disgrace, or damage trust
    8. Acts that infringe or may infringe a third party's property, privacy, image rights, or publicity rights
    9. Acts of using or providing harmful programs that may include computer viruses through this service or related to this service
    10. Acts that violate or may violate the laws and regulations
    11. Acts that are or may be contrary to public order or morality
    12. Other acts that are decided inappropriate by our company
  4. Agreement if users cause troubles

    1. If we find the user's acts that violate the terms of service or are dishonest or illegal, we may implement measures that are considered appropriate by our company, such as deletion or suspension of services.
    2. Conflicts between users or damage caused by the user to a third party shall be solved under the responsibility and burden of the user, and our company are not liable for that.
  5. Copyright and other rights

    The intellectual property rights shall include copyrights, trademarks, design rights related to all logos, images, videos, sentences, and music used on this website and other rights that belong to our company or are used by our company based on the license. Therefore, it is prohibited to use, copy, reprint, electromagnetically process, change, send, distribute, transfer, rent, secondarily use, or do similar acts to any of the content posted on this website unless approved under the Copyright Act, Trademark Act, Design Act, or other laws or regulations or the approval is given by our company in writing in advance.

  6. About trademark

    All trademarks or service marks appearing on this website are owned by our company or our affiliates or used based on the license or other legitimate authorities. They cannot be used without permission.

  7. Introduction in SNS or individual blog or website

    If you introduce this website or JIAC's services, it is recommended that you use various SNS buttons set on the page. The photos of works of architects are under strict management. Please do not use them. If you introduce us in various media, please obtain the consent of our company.

  8. About email

    The copyright to the emails sent to users from our company belongs to us. Please do not use the email on other websites or printed matter, secondarily use all or any part of the content of the email, or use the same for other purposes without permission from our company.

  9. About links

    It is free to link to this website. But we appreciate it if you let us know in advance. Users can access other websites from the links on our website, but we are not liable for the content, accuracy of information, or functionality of the linked website. Also, the links on our website do not mean that we recommend the content of the linked websites of third parties or the websites themselves. The other websites from this website or other websites providing links to this website (except for the other websites operated by our company or our agents) are managed and operated by other authors. Thus, please follow the conditions of use of the other website when accessing them. We will not be liable for any damage caused by the use of other websites. The websites operated by our company or our affiliates are linked to this website. When you use these websites, you need to agree with the conditions of use set on each website.

  10. Disclaimer

    We pay careful attention so that the information on this website is accurate. However, we do not guarantee the validity and accuracy of the content on this website unless otherwise specified. Also, we make no warranty that the information provided on this website is appropriate in any country. Please be advised in advance that the content and URL of this website may be changed, discontinued, or suspended without notice. We are not liable for any damage, loss, or debts (directly or indirectly) caused by access to this website, use of this website, change in the content of this website, or discontinuation or suspension of the operation of this website regardless of the reasons. We are not liable for damage or virus infection to computers or other devices due to downloads from this website.

  11. Information provision

    We will handle information that includes no personal information sent by users to this website (opinions, proposal, idea, image, etc.) not as confidential information but as general information. Any users who provide this information should agree that our company may use the information freely before providing the relevant information.

  12. Handling information on users

    Our company implements the necessary measures within a reasonable range as described in the privacy policy to protect the privacy of users who access this website.

  13. Valid range of this terms of service

    The applicable law governing the terms of service is Japanese law. Any dispute arising out of the use of this website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.