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Yiwu showroom

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Address Production and material market in Jinhua, Yiwu in Zhenjiang province
Open Weekdays, Sat., Sun., and holidays AM 9:30-12:00 PM 1:00-5:30
Closed on Thursdays and New Year's holidays

At the Yiwu showroom, you can experience Japanese modern style in a model room designed by Hitoshi Saruta, and the works of JIAC member architects applicable to designe in China area, architectural materials, and furniture handled by the JIAC are displayed. We are looking forward to your visit. If you want to request construction or talk business, the appropriate staff will respond to your request. Please make an appointment and visit us.

Model room

You can have a glimpse of beautiful Japanese architecture in the model room and experience a traditional Japanese room.

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Hitoshi Saruta / HITOSHI SARUTA


Hitoshi Saruta


Born in 1971 in Nagano, Japan, Hitoshi Saruta graduated from Yokohama National University (faculty of Business Administration) and started his career as a carpenter and construction manager. Later, he began working at a design company (home and shop design) in Kanagawa prefecture before founding CUBO design architect in 2004. Unable to give up on his dream of becoming an architect, Saruta continued to study on his own until his dream was finally realized in 2007. While he is now an established professional among the leading Japanese architects of his generation, Saruta spent his early years cultivating a passion for the violin and then working as a carpenter. His unique approach to each and every one of his architectural projects, regardless of scale, is appreciated by all of his clients. Saruta has received accolades domestically in Japan, and from Germany, China, Italy and the United States. In 2021, he launched the “Hitoshi Saruta project to design high-end architecture around the world. ...More


We display materials handled by the JIAC, such as the best grade of Japanese architectural materials and furniture.

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