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Japanese Plaster

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Japanese Plaster
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Paints, Wall Materials

We provide easy-to-use high-performance plaster.

High-performance Natural Material That Is Good for Health

Plaster does not generate VOC (volatile organic compounds), which is the cause of sick house syndrome. In addition, the excellent humidity control function prevents condensation. It also prevents mold and bacteria and maintains clean air.

Commitment to Raw Materials

Uses highest quality slaked lime of a long-established store which has been appreciated for 160 years. This pure white plaster contains plenty of minerals from coral reefs nurtured by the ancient Pacific Ocean, and adsorbs and decomposes formaldehyde.

Commitment to Design, Environment and Construction

Edible ingredients extracted and purified from natural seaweed are used in the glue of JIAC's Japanese plaster. It is high in safety and does not generate odor. In addition, it can be used immediately after opening because it has been kneaded in advance with the optimal composition for construction.

Also Used in Japanese National Treasures

JIAC's Japanese plaster is also used in Matsumoto Castle in Nagano Prefecture, which is designated as a Japanese national treasure. It has also been nominated by architects nationwide and is the finest plaster that shows various expressions with the expression of plasterers.

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